Monday, February 11, 2008

Heavy Hitter commercial acceptable under new rules

The 4 ft 10" tall Heavy Hitter's commercial that aired during the Superbowl is acceptable under the new Nevada Supreme Court rules for attorney advertising:


The Review-Journal reports:

Less than a year ago, commercials like this might have raised eyebrows with state officials. Nevada had banned lawyer ads deemed as dramatizations. Commercials that "created suspense" or contained endorsements were also banned.

But no more.

The Nevada Supreme Court repealed the rules last year. As of Sept. 1, ads like Lerner's Super Bowl commercial are now allowed to be broadcast. The state Supreme Court cited First Amendment concerns for changing the rules.

"Taste is something we cannot govern without infringing on First Amendment rights," Justice James Hardesty said at the time. "So restrictions on taste will be eliminated."

The commercial made me think of two things:1) why doesn't the Little Hitter have the thick Boston accent of Glen Lerner?2) if truth in advertising is required, shouldn't the commercial inform potential clients that Mr. Lerner might not show up for their trial if he's busy living the life of a rock star?

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