Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party Results

Thanks to your tips, here are the results of our 2008 Christmas party survey:

Brownstein HyattWynnLots of booze.
Marquis & AurbachLV Paiute Golf ResortBus service for the boozers.
Kummer KaempferRed Rock CasinoBooze & karaoke provided.
Santoro DriggsWynnBooze provided.
Alverson TaylorATMS BasementParty is at noon on Christmas Eve.
Lionel SawyerLV Country ClubAttendees given allotment of tickets for booze. Additional tickets available from HR director.
Lewis BrisboisNo PartyCancelled due to "security concerns." What?
Richard Harris5-Day Cruise for all staff & significantsWe have a winner!

Booze, Booze, Booze. Looks pretty good, but what's going on over at LBBS? "Security concerns?" We hope their bonuses make up for that big "bah, humbug!" As for ATMS, we would love for some associates to report back as to how that party goes.

Update: Okay, it appears that LBBS offered a paid day off on the 26th in lieu of a Christmas party, we'll accept that. Also, if the comments are true, Richard Harris knows how to treat his staff. Well done, Dick!  


Anonymous said...

The LSC party was open bar but they gave us tickets to "buy" drinks with. You could get as many tickets as you wanted but after you used up your initial allotment of tickets (about 3 drinks worth) you had to get more tickets from the HR Director. You could also use your unused tickets to be entered into a drawing for prizes.....

Anonymous said...

In fairness to the powers-that-be at LBBS, it was also noted in its announcement back in July that, in lieu of canceling the holiday parties, the firm will be closed (WITH pay) on Friday, December 26.

Anonymous said...

Richard Harris took his lawyers, all staff and their significant others on a 5 day cruise earlier this month for their Christmas that beats an open bar at the Wynn any day. I'm on the wrong side of the isle.

USA Best lawyer directory said...
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Anonymous said...

Kummer Kaempfer was closed on 12/26with pay.

Anonymous said...

RHLF paid for the employee to go on the "working" cruise, we had to pay for a significant other. Plus we still had a Christmas Party at the Marriott on Rampart (free booze, & the big give-aways, amongst others, were a large flat screen tv and a laptop) and a Christmas potluck in the office, plus Christmas bonuses. we work hard & yes Mr. Harris does know how to treat his employees . . . don't you wish you worked there?

Anonymous said...

Who cares about a paid day off if you're on salary and need to make billables???