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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Care to let it ride, Mr. Suen?

Here's a shocker: District Court Judge Michelle Leavitt denied two motions brought by the Las Vegas Sands attempting to get a do-over on that $58.6 million judgment that a Clark County jury awarded Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen following a six-week civil trial (WWL previously reported on this case here and here).

Even Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson couldn't make it through the hearing. According to the RJ, Adelson only watched about an hour of arguments from Sands' attorney [the unfortunately named] Rusty Hardin before leaving the courtroom. That's right, the client left after hour one ... of the four-hour argument.

Oh, but Rusty isn't about to let it end there, not while he's billing by the hour. He will be appealing the case to the Supremes (of course). Go get em' Rusty!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Juror dismissed because Rusty Hardin is [allegedly] an asshole

The Review-Journal reports:
A juror in the month-long civil trial against the world's 12th richest man was dismissed late Thursday after calling an attorney in the case an "asshole." . . .

The juror that was dismissed apparently blurted out the word while Sands attorney Rusty Hardin was questioning a witness, forcing Clark County District Judge Michelle Leavitt to stop the trial to determine what happened and who overheard the juror's remark.
Like everyone in the courtroom didn't already know Hardin was an [alleged] asshole. He sure seemed like an asshole when he represented Roger Clemens testifying before Congress.

I think the court acted too quickly. I mean . . . at least the juror was awake and paying attention.